Taiwan Film Institute (TFI) is a foundation set up by the Ministry of Culture on July 28, 2014. It was upgraded from the Chinese Taipei Film Archive (CTFA), which had thirty-four years of history before it was replaced by TFI. One important mission of TFI is to preserve Taiwan and Chinese films. Though still without its own building with museum and theaters, TFI now has close to 17,500 Taiwan and Chinese film titles in its collection and is vigorously undertaking the important task of digital restoration.

     Though film preservation and restoration are still TFI’s core missions, TFI will also play a significant role in the international promotion of Taiwan cinema. Three new departments, the Department of Documentary (Taiwan International Documentary Festival Office), the Department of Education and Public Services, and the Department of International Promotion have been set up. The expansion manifests that TFI is shouldering the important task of domestic film education as well as worldwide development of Taiwan cinema and documentary.

After more than thirty years, TFI continues to ensure the survival, conservation and expand public accessibility of Taiwan’s film heritage. Given the dire situation of the existing films and the limited annual budget of TFI, we actively raise funding for film restoration through special screenings and benefit events.

Among the recently restored titles are King Hu’s Dragon Inn (1967), A Touch of Zen (1970), whose digital restoration was masterfully executed by L'Immagine Ritrovata in Italy. Both films are selected for Cannes Classics in 2014 and 2015. In 2016, Daughter of the Nile (1987) directed by Hou Hsiao-hsien was also selected for Berlinale Classics. In the same year, Hu’s Legend of the Mountain (1979) finished the work of restoration and was selected as Venice Classics.

  1. Over 17,500 Chinese-language films.
  2. Nearly 3000 titles of foreign films.
  3. Around 18,000 video discs & 60,000 video tapes.
  4. Over 15,000 books & 150 periodicals.
  5. Over 250,000 pieces of film posters, stills and artifacts.
The TFI offers the following services:
  1. Members of the TFI Film Library are given access to services provided by the library’s reading / audiovisual room, free tickets or discounts to film events organized by the TFI, and discounts and special offers on TFI publications / products.
  2. Access to the TFI’s film collections.
  3. Equipment rental services.
  4. Film format conversion services.
  5. Curatorial and publishing services.
  6. Volunteer and internship programs.
  7. Other film-related professional services.
Taiwan Cinema Yearbook (2000-2015)

The Yearbook provides comprehensive coverage of the industry development and chronicles the distributed titles that year, offering useful references for academic research and policy analysis.

Film Appreciation Journal (167 Issues)

Published since 1983, FA is the most long-standing and in-depth periodical featuring thematic retrospectives, critiques of current titles and classics, and academic essays.

FunScreen Weekly

Launched since 2005, FunScreen is the leading online paper focused on local film industry and as well as international art-house cinema. Running over a decade, is has become one of the most widely-read local film websites and owns more than 40,000 regular subscribers.

TFI Newsletter

Founded in 2016, the TFI Newsletter is a quarterly publication available online and in print at various arts and culture locations around Taiwan. With a retro design, an in-depth yet easy-to-read style, rich storytelling and content, and even the occasional retro movie poster, it introduces to readers classic films and movie stars as well as know-how and stories on film restoration and storage.


TFI hosts screenings and retrospectives dedicated to legendary filmmakers and special themes regularly inside our boutique screening room with a newly-installed DCP projector. In addition, special exhibitions featuring historical film materials and art objects are also held to educate the public about Taiwan’s cinema culture. In 2014, a tribute exhibition was organized by TFI to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Union Motion Picture, a monumental studio in our national film history. In the end of 2016, TFI is also going to hold the 60th Anniversary of Taiwanese-language Cinema.


As a hub for Taiwan documentary, TFI not only holds documentary related festivals and events, but it also plays the role in the promotion and liaison for overseas markets to enhance the visibility of Taiwan’s documentaries. In 2014, the executive team of Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TIDF) established its permanent office under TFI. As one of the major professional platforms for documentaries in Asia, TIDF is responsible for the festival and documentary related affairs in Taiwan.

With the hope to innovate documentary films and filmmakers in Taiwan for international exchanges, Taiwan Docs Promotion Center was then set up to showcases Taiwan’s documentary gems at major markets and festivals for documentary filmmakers and buyers, such as Sunny Side of the Doc in France, Hot Docs in Canada, and IDFA in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.