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A native of Tainan, I graduated from the Department of English at National Central University in 2004 with a thesis on Taiwanese documentaries. After thinking about how Taiwanese films can be seen by more people, and through the guidance of the university, I established Cimage Taiwan Film Co. and co-founded the online film magazine Funscreen Weekly with several other film aficionados. I have worked in film sales and domestic and overseas film distribution for films such as Let It Be (2004), Cafe Lumiere (2003), Doctor (2006), The Passage (2004), War Dance (2008), and Young@Heart (2009). I have also hosted many feature film and documentary screenings for public agencies, private organizations, and charitable foundations. I have invested years in the cultivation of film audiences, using diverse approaches to the “translation” of the art of film. After joining the Taiwan Film Institute, I have continued to search for ways of allowing movies to be more widely viewed, discussed, and appreciated. My next goals include creating new audiences for classic films and taking my daughter to see more movies.


MA, Department of English, Central Taiwan University


CEO, Cimage Taiwan Film Co.
Founder & Publisher, FunScreen Weekly
Manager, NCU 107 Cinema, Central Taiwan University