Taiwan Film Institute (TFI) is a foundation set up by the Ministry of Culture in 2014. It was upgraded from the Chinese Taipei Film Archive, which was founded in 1978 originally as a film library. TFI’s core mission is to preserve and promote Taiwan’s film heritage. Besides vigorously undertaking the tasks of film preservation and digital restoration, TFI also plays significant roles in domestic film education and international promotion of Taiwan’s narrative and documentary cinema.

With a history of 40 years, TFI continues to ensure the survival, preservation and public accessibility of Taiwan’s film heritage. Given the dire situation of the existing films and the limited annual budget of TFI, we actively seek resources for preservation and restoration from the Ministry of Culture and individual donors.

TFI acquired 4K digital equipment and software to set up a self-reliant digital restoration workstation in July, 2016. The same year, TFI’s Digital Restoration Department completed its first in-house restoration project, News from Taiwan Film Culture Company No. 2 (1946), the earliest existing newsreel in Taiwan shot between 1945 and 1949. Restored in 2017 by our fully-equipped lab was the zeitgeist-capturing documentary The Mountain (1966), by one of the first westbound Taiwanese film student, Richard Yao-chi CHEN. Most recently in 2018, TFI completed the 2K restoration of King HU’s Raining in the Mountain (1979). This marks TFI’s very first in-house restoration project of a feature-length film and paves the way for more in-house restoration efforts in the future.

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